Who We Are

Mission & History

Our History

Turningpoint for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence has provided services and support to our community for more than 43 years.

Turningpoint began as a crisis line and an all volunteer “safe house” program.  In 1989, after nearly a decade of renting shelter facilities, Turningpoint conducted a successful capital campaign to build its own facility.  With the support of the community, Turningpoint built its first 14-bed shelter, which remains the only domestic and sexual violence crisis shelter in all of Pierce and St. Croix Counties of Wisconsin.

Today, in addition to providing shelter and at 24-hour crisis counseling, Turningpoint offers legal system support, children’s programming, violence prevention education, safety planning, support groups, and emergency food and hygiene products.  Turningpoint has been the state-designated Sexual Assault Services Provider (SASP) for Pierce and St. Croix Counties since 1995.

Turningpoint also operates Second Chances Thrift Store in downtown River Falls.  Victims and survivors of violence receive vouchers to obtain clothing, furniture, and household goods from Second Chances. Second Chances Thrift Store is also open to the public and is almost entirely operated by volunteers.  Earned revenue from Second Chances Thrift Store comprises approximately 14 - 20% of Turningpoint's annual operating budget.

In 2016, with the generous support of the community, Turningpoint completed a small capital campaign to expand its crisis shelter from 14 to 21 beds, with the potential for future expansion of up to 25 beds.  

Our Mission

Turningpoint's mission is to provide support and resources to achieve freedom from domestic and sexual violence.

Our Purpose

Turningpoint's purpose is to empower those affected by domestic or sexual violence.

Our Values

We value empowerment, compassion, dedication, and dignity.

Our Philosophy

No one deserves to be abused.

All services are available to anyone regardless of sex, race, religion, political philosophy, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, marital status, income level, immigration status, or nature of employment.

No one should be forced to submit themselves and their children to physical abuse by anyone.

Domestic violence and sexual assault are caused by the perpetrator, not by the victim.

Our Vision

Turningpoint's vision is to end domestic and sexual violence in Pierce and St. Croix Counties of Wisconsin.