How We Help

Legal System Support

Turningpoint serves women, children, and men in varying domestic and sexual violence situations. Turningpoint staff are committed to serving all victims and preparing them for the courtroom. If you or someone you know needs support navigating the legal system, contact Turningpoint at 715-425-6751 ext. 110 for assistance.

Turningpoint offers legal system support to victims of violence. Services include:

  • Restraining Orders: A legal advocate can provide a basic overview of the steps to file a petition for a Temporary Restraining Order.  This includes offering assistance with filling out forms, writing a victim impact statement, preparing you for court, and attending court hearings.
  • Free Walk-In Legal Clinic: Turningpoint offers a free walk-in legal clinic on the first Tuesday of every month from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM at our New Richmond location. There is a rotating schedule of volunteer attorneys who can provide answers to legal questions. Legal clinic participants cannot currently be represented by an attorney.  NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, for the safety of our clients there will be no Walk-In Legal Clinic in the month of April.
  • Courtroom Support: A legal advocate can explain the legal process and what to expect at court proceedings. A legal advocate can act as your service representative during court proceedings, as well as serve as a barrier between you and the responding party.
  • Crime Victim Compensation: A legal advocate can offer information and application assistance for Wisconsin’s program to assist innocent victims with certain crime related expenses.
  • Attorneys:  A legal advocate can provide a list of attorneys, including their specialties, fees, and locations. A legal advocate can also give times and locations of various legal clinics in the area.
  • Judicare:  Judicare is Wisconsin’s income-based legal assistance program, which can provide legal representation for eligible residents. Applications for Judicare are available here or from a legal advocate.
  • Family Court (Divorce): A legal advocate can explain the basic process of divorce and provide free access to a printer, copier, and FAX machine for divorce forms. A legal advocate can also provide a list of attorneys that may offer a free consultation regarding family court.

Turningpoint legal advocates are not attorneys and therefore cannot offer any legal advice or representation.

​For further information about Turningpoint's legal advocacy services, contact us at 715-425-6751, or via text at 715-821-8626.